Wednesday, 5 October 2011

change of plans

yesterday wasn't going very well at all for my first brief. the design itself was visually flawed and had been sent to an architectural firm to adjust the building. but as the required spaces for the gym, changing rooms and sport hall would all lead to the building remaining very boxy in its appearance i took steps to contact other architects with the possibility of building a concept model for them that would be able to provide the plans straight away. and hopefully have some more interesting subject matter for me to create.

i contacted the model department of Richard Rogers architects in London. and spoke to the head of the model department, who was incredibly helpful in getting me out of the sticky situation I had created by offering me a model from their website.

after looking through all the projects accessible on their site, I made the decision to request some plans for the Metropolitana Linea Capodichino, a subway station in Naples, Italy that did not have any photographs of a current model, and provided some interesting variation from the box edged building I had originally sourced for my project.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

beginning of the project

after a full length discussion with various tutors on the course. it was very apparent that the building plans i had been supplied with to build the sales model, werent very creative. they had been designed to specification without visual impact being taken into consideration.

i took this back to my client and in a discussion, he decided to send his plans to pozzoni architects to redesign the building to have a more creative finish and appearance whilst re landscaping the surroundings of the building also. making it far more likely that the building will have an impacting forst impression rather than a shed like structure.

this has brought back some confidence for the project as i had become very stressed at the changes when i felt so confident about the original brief.

i will not hold my breath as to the degree of change to the designs until i see the concept sketches from the architect. but the allowance to work from the sketches will give me the freedom to aid the project with my own experience and ability